Shasta Orthodontics Payment Plans

Shasta Orthodontics Payment Plans

Making Braces Affordable For Everyone

Shasta Orthodontics Payment Plans

Dr. McCarthy believes that everyone deserves a beautiful smile. To help make braces more affordable, Shasta Orthodontics offer an easy, no-interest monthly payment plans.

At the time of your initial consultation, Dr. McCarthy will estimate the time needed for your treatment. Based on the time and complexity of your case, we will provide an estimated cost for your braces.

Based on any insurance information you have given us, we will have already spoken with your insurance provider to estimate how much of your treatment cost will be covered by insurance. (Please keep in mind, the insurance providers will only give us an “estimate.”  Talk to your insurance provider directly to get more details about your coverage.

After you’ve consulted with Dr. McCarthy, your patient care coordinator will share with you a detailed, optional financing plan for your braces that spreads the cost over the duration of your treatment.

With the help of our easy no-interest financing, you can afford braces.

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